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S.W.A.N. Tactical Training

Narcotics Operations and Undercover Techniques

The Narcotics Operations and Undercover Techniques Course is designed for officers and detectives recently assigned to a drug unit, or interested in narcotics enforcement. This course covers all aspects of narcotic investigations to include Case Development, Drug Identification, Undercover Operations, Officer Safety, Interview & Interrogation, and Wire taps (Title III). Also included are two days of undercover practical exercises in which student will develop undercover personas and participate in scenario based operations. Other topics include, Search & Seizure, Courtroom Testimony and Criminal Interdiction.  This program meets the requirements for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement “Dangerous Drugs and Narcotics course” and is a certified salary incentive course.

Tactical Drug Operations

The Tactical Drug Operations Course is a three day (24 hour) training program focusing on the enforcement side of drug operations.  This entry level class is designed for narcotics officers, patrol officers and law enforcement personnel who participate in high-risk drug related operations. Topics include Officer Safety, Risk Management, Vehicle Assaults, Dynamic Entry Techniques and Operational Planning. During this three day program, student will plan and execute a series of tactical operations to include; “buy bust”, “reverses”, and “vehicle takedowns”. The class will culminate in the planning and execution of a “multi-kilo drug bust” in which the students will be graded. Students attending the class are asked to bring both “tactical gear” and “undercover” outfits.


Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse is one of the fastest growing drug abuse problems in the United States and affects all aspects of law enforcement. This class is designed for officers and detectives who are dealing with “Pill Mills” and prescription drug abuse in their area.  This four day (32 hours) course is designed to introduce law enforcement officers to prescription drug abuse investigations. Due to the unique problems associated with undercover work inside suspected “Pill Mills”, students will participate in role-playing and scenario based training specifically designed to help officers successfully infiltrate and dismantle illegal pill clinics in their area.  This program includes Case Development, Drug Identification, Interview & Interrogation, and Undercover Operations (Infiltrating the Pill Mill). Other topics will include, Search & Seizure, Courtroom Testimony and Criminal Interdiction.

Female Undercover School

The Female Undercover Course is designed for officers and detectives interested in undercover techniques specifically designed for female officers. This 32 hour course includes but is not limited to U.C. Safety, Case Development, Drug Identification, Undercover Operations, and Interviews & Interrogations.

Students will meet with current and former undercover female operatives to discuss the unique issues inherent to female undercover work. Also included are two days of surveillance and practical exercises.   Other topics will include, Search & Seizure and Courtroom Testimony.

One Day – Break Out – classes

S.W.A.N. Tactical Training offers a series of eight (8) hour classes

Case Development

This 8 hour course focuses on intelligences gathering and target verification for narcotics based cases.

Courtroom Procedures and Testimony

This course addresses courtroom appearance, demeanor, and trial preparation. Student will participate in a mock trial and be crossed examined by defense attorneys.

Prescription Drug Abuse

Eight hour introductory course focusing on prescription drug abuse.

Methamphetamine Investigations

Eight hour introductory course on Methamphetamine production and enforcement.

Dancing with The Devil

Eight hour curse focusing on transitioning from uniform enforcement to undercover operations.

Parcel Interdiction

Eight hour course on identifying and intercepting illegal contraband smuggled through parcel delivery services.

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